The After War

“Every war has its after-war, and so it is with the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan, which have created some 500,000 mentally wounded American veterans,” writes David Finkel in “Thank You for Your Service,” which examines the lives of these soldiers after they leave the battlefield.  Read my review.

Hard Years in Portland

I picked up the novel, “The Residue Years,” by Mitchell S. Jackson mainly because it is set in Portland. I have a soft spot for books set in this beautiful state and, because Jackson is black, I was curious about the author’s perspective on growing up in a city with so little diversity.  Read my review.


Art, Language and the Brain

When she was 44 years old, Dr. Ruth Resch, a psychologist and baby expert, stepped off a flight from Portugal to New York, fresh from delivering a lecture and feeling pretty darn good about herself and her future. Moments later, she had a stroke that resulted in aphasia, a neurological disorder that causes loss of speech and the ability to read or write. Resch’s story could end there, heartbreaking and silent, but it happily doesn’t.